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Dr Sundardas teaches, trains, mentors and coaches expert leaders to a successful Designed Life. Feel free to reach out to Dr Sundardas personally to explore if working together could be a good fit to help take your company to the next level of success and achievement.

Who is Dr Sundardas?


The Million Dollar  Designed Life

Dr Sundardas created the Million Dollar Designed Life Formula after working with more than 15,000 individuals  from more than 30 countries.

As a Naturopathic Physician, Professor of Natural Medicine, author, mentor and coach to business leaders, he discovered that regardless of whether a client had a health, emotional or business challenge, what was common was a lack of clarity about what truly mattered in their lives.

All of them also failed to comprehend their lives true innate genius. So he has worked out a step by step protocol for an individual to discover their true genius, design their ideal life and work team and scale their performance and business. 

He is the secret weapon, coach and consultant to diplomats, Asian Royalty and celebrities, award-winning entrepreneurs and some of the richest Asian business families. 

Dr Sundardas has helped companies generate more than US$25 million in sales by strategic technical positioning. He has worled with diverse industries such as:

• Architecture • Energy & Power • Fashion • Health Food • Radiation Technology • Water Systems • Blockchain Technology

• Engineering • Fresh Produce • Innovations • Real Estate • Copywriting • EMF Protection • Heathcare • Print Media • Shipping

In the areas of technical advise on scientific breakthroughs, peak performance, personal branding and strategic management. The companies have ranged from start-ups to those with a turnover of US$70 million and above.

Dr Sundardas helps his clients design and implement ideal life plan for work and business so that they have effortless work life balance, double their productivity and income and launch successful businesses and achieve their dreams.

Sample of Programmes and Consultancies

  • Maximising Corporate Performance – Batey Ads Pte Ltd 1993

  • Alternative Medicine: Its place in Dentistry – Society for the Advancement of Gnathology , Singapore 1993

  • The Impact of Dental Issues on Chronic Illness – Society for the Advancement of Gnathology, Singapore 2002

  • Nutritional Approaches to Brain Cancer – Brain Cancer support group, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore 2003

  • Maximising Your Immune System with Nutrition – Red Cross Society, Singapore 2003

  • Blood Typology and Wellness – Blood Bank, Singapore 2005

  • Complementary Medicine and Health Care Solutions for Business – Ministry Public Health, Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Thailand 2005

  • Anti-Ageing and Healing Waters – Public Presentation in Thailand, 2005

  • Vitality, Anti-Ageing and Therapeutic Water for Women – Public Presentation in Thailand, 2006

  • Natural Approaches to Immune System Problems: Eczema, Asthma and Psoriasis – Public Education Program, Singapore 2005

  • How to Eat Right 4 Your Type – Public Program, Singapore 2006


List of organisations and executives Dr Sundardas has worked with in the areas of wellness, nutrition, stress management, EQ and personal performance programmes:

Corporation Logos.png
  • ABN Amro Bank

  • Asia Breweries Pte Ltd

  • Asia Matushita Electric (S) Pte Ltd

  • Barclays Capital Futures (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore

  • Business Trends Pte Ltd

  • Canossian School for the Deaf

  • Catholic Welfare Services

  • Cosmopolitan Women’s Club

  • DBS

  • Goldman & Sachs

  • Land Transport Authority

  • IBM

  • MPH Pte Ltd

  • NTUC

  • Ministry of Defence

  • Ministry of Education (Teacher’s Network)

  • Numerous Schools

  • PARCO Management

  • Ritz Carlton Hotel


  • Singapore American Community Action Council

  • Soroptimist International of Singapore

  • Transactional Analysis Association of Singapore

  • URA

  • Woodbridge Nurses Association

  • Singapore Post


Projects done and in progress in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Africa, South Korea, Middle East, Nigeria, Oman and India.




President of Singapore Planned Families Association (SPFA)


Singapore Planned Families Association (SPFA) (formerly Singapore Planned Parenthood Association) is an independent volunteer welfare organization affiliated with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).


SPFA contributed to Singapore since 1949 as the Singapore Family Planning Association and continuing to do so from November 2015 as the Singapore Planned Families Association in line with its renewed and refocused vision and mission





Sakthivel Narayanasamy

CEO, Galactic Advance Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd








Dr Sundardas D. Annamalay have been consulting us on the business matters for the past 7 years. We have implemented approximately 20-30% based on the consultation received and we are experiencing phenomenal changes to our business. Galactic Advance Engineering now has an increase in business growth of 35% and has a better employee retention rate. 


Sathiveil-Entrepreneurship Award.jpg
Galactic - Logo.jpg


Dr Michael Tan

CEO, Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd





Dear Dr Sundardas,


I am writing to you to express our appreciation for your efforts in guiding our company in the process of obtaining ISO.


Attached are also the brochure and one complimentary book for reference that was created with your consultancy which has enabled us to achieve the 2018 Entrepreneurs Award.

Thank you.



Pang Thai Juan

Business Solutions Director, Burgeons Bricks Pte Ltd


Dear Dr Sundardas,

As CEO of an IT company I was experiencing challenges engaging my team. This always impacted the ease of implementation and my bottom line.


Working with you as my mentor and coach especially with your personality profiling tools, it has given me clarity into who I am at work. Now the IT business is on autopilot and ready for implementation in Malaysia and Myanmar.

Besides my IT business, I also bought a license for business coaching (Action Coach, USA) for Singapore. Given the success of this business, I was also looking at expanding this business into other countries. You also tailored a business coaching model for me for Myanmar, China and other parts of Asia.


This new coaching model will allow me to enter markets many times larger than Singapore's.



TJ Pang - Testimonial.jpg

Angela Dove

CEO and Creative Director








I took up this course because I had a challenge with defining my own personal brand, really hiding behind the company, and not really communicating the value, my personal value, to my clients. So I would recommend this course to any business owner who is seeking to communicate to their clients the value that they would bring to their clients.

Christine Das

Award-winning Visual Artist 









I've always wanted to become an entrepreneur but unfortunately I did not know what a business entailed. Business Profits for the Expert has helped me lay the foundation necessary in order to start a business and allowed me to make that transition.

Dr Granville De Souza

Author and Emotional Intelligence Expert









What I really learned from this fantastic workshop conducted by Dr. Sundardas was I finally learned how to step away, run the business in a way which I really put a focus on the areas which I really love, which is facilitation, and the other one was leading the business and expanding the business, and I now have a full flow of what I’m supposed to do, which I’ve not done for the last fifteen years, so I’m pretty clear as to how I should approach this.

Elango Subramaniam

CEO, Top 500 SME Award Winner, 2013



The reason I am here for this programme is because I think for the last fifty-five years I am able to do what I can do, and I can do very well for my clients, but the problem is how to sell, how to make people buy my service, that was a challenge. After coming to this program, what I realized is on the way through those thirty-four exercises given by Dr. Sundardas is that I not only have to culture myself, I also have to do that for my managers and staff.


Deon Heng

Kashtec Holdings Pte Ltd

Business Development Team


Reach out to more than 300 business owners using BBX!

Dear Dr Sundardas,


Thank you very much once again for the amazing webinar session, it was truly inspirational and educational. Definitely many good takeaways for our members! We are in the midst of finalizing the EDM to be sent out to our community on your offer that I am sure both participants and BBX members will be very interested in. Will send over the draft to you for approval once it is finalized!  


Have a splendid weekend ahead, look forward to collaborating with you again soon!


Best Regards,

Deon Heng

Kashtec Holdings Pte Ltd

Business Development Team


Connect with Dr Sundardas

Your Life by Design


Thank you! We will get back to you real soon.

20 Sin Ming Lane #06-55 Midview City Singapore 573968   65-6323 6652 

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